Make the most of Craigslist and stand out while you do it


Craigslist has become the reference site for anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, get hired, etc. However, at the same time, it has a reputation for attracting “incomplete” people. Craigslist has become the reference site for anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, get hired, etc. You can find all kinds of things using sites like Search Tempest to search all Craigslist at once 4 great Craigslist search engines to do your Site Search Easiest 4 great Craigslist search engines to make your site searches to be Easier In an age of Web 2.0, Craigslist chicago jobs has refused to make major modifications to its site. This has advantages, but a disadvantage is the lack of a great search function. It can be hard to find … Read more.


However, at the same time, it has a reputation for attracting “incomplete” people. We often think that these people wouldn’t even have the knowledge to use Craigslist, but the fact is, almost everyone can … my father does. And if you can, without a doubt, undoubtedly yes. And that means that even weird and shallow people can do it.

But this article is not just about using Craigslist. It’s about getting the best results, and that can be difficult no matter how skilled you are. However, I have been quite successful in several areas, which I attribute to various things that I have done.

Be open (as opposed to being incomplete)

So, people say that the people on Craigslist are incomplete; use them to your advantage. I recently met with a pet customer from Craigslist and she said she chose me because she was sincere, honest and open. First of all, make sure you have as much detail as possible in your ad. It is not something like “Sell car”. Send me an email. “And then you don’t have a car name, number, or image and you only have the email that san diego Craigslist gives users to click on it and send you an email. I guess even if I email someone like This one, I won’t get a reply. How do I know this? Because I use Craigslist a lot and respond to a lot of ads for various things. Most of the time, if the person only includes their name, they will respond. This cannot always be guaranteed, but it is quite common.

Oh, and don’t use all caps, squeeze everything together or use excessive exclamation marks like this guy. This guy is probably legitimate, but it looks like “spam” due to the way your ad is written.

Not recommend putting your photo in the ad itself

So, be sure to include all the specific information in your ad. It is also important to provide as much information about yourself that you are willing to tell. Obviously be logical and reasonable here. I usually display my name, phone number, email, Twitter ID, and personal website. This shows the viewer that you have a reputation to defend and that you are not going to cheat them. It also shows them how they look by displaying a public photo, such as one on Twitter or on a personal website. However, I would not recommend putting your photo in the ad itself, as it seems too personal. By having it available, it makes people who want to do a little more work look for more information about you. Somehow it eliminates a lot of useless contacts, people who realize you are serious about it and don’t want to bother with you (for one reason or another, don’t ask me why they are like this). .

A quick note on how to provide your phone number: some people simply use their cell phone or home. I’m not that brave. Instead, I use my Google Voice number. That way, if for any reason it is abused, I can easily block them. It also makes it easier with voice-to-text voice message transcripts, set up email alerts for voicemail or missed calls, and call free from my computer. If I call you back with that number anyway, I’d better not complicate things by calling a different number than the one in the ad. visit the link to sell something waste