Capture Picture on Windows operating system

Windows 10

Capture Picture on Windows operating system

Nowadays, this may not work as a big problem, but sometimes capturing an image on your desktop was a pretty complicated thing. Microsoft has not introduced a built-in intuitive tool for this task in Windows for a long time. Sometimes the only solution was to press the Print Screen key and then use the Painter to save the image to a file. This was the case recently, back in Windows 7. Windows 10 has simplified things by introducing the Snipping Tool, making it a big leap. We could only launch the application, select any part of the screen or full screen, and then save the capture to a file.

Microsoft will also soon upgrade new window here  this tool to Snip & Sketch in an update. This has a fairly wide range of options, as you can choose the image cropping format, add delays (capture screen in 3 seconds) and also allow you to instantly save images to the clipboard. For example, if you are talking to someone on Skype and want to show them some instructions on your desktop, you simply press the Print Screen key and then press the Ctrl + V paste command into the dialog and the image is sent. You can already test Snip & Sketch, type Snip & Sketch in the search box at startup and have fun with the tool. Be warned that before using the shortcut in windows 12 lite, you will need to enable this first in the settings.

Windows 10

Copying an image simpler and faster

If Microsoft doesn’t smell you, you can forget about the free Light shot program, which is also available for Mace. This small application may not have all the touches of a Microsoft windows 12 iso tool, but it is quite easy to use. The Print Screen activates the key without any additional settings, and makes saving or copying an image simpler and faster. It can be downloaded to disk or activated¬† in a browser . Screenshots are no longer a scarecrow, so you can now share pictures with your contacts the easy way, without the time-consuming capture via Print Screen or even taking a picture with your phone. Both applications also allow you to take pictures in games and applications, which can come in handy when you want to cut a specific piece of an image.

How to enable or disable additional features using the control panel in Windows 10

There are two options for managing these important features in Windows 10 via the Settings menu or from the control panel.

Step 1 – The following procedure will be used to manage these functions using the control panel. We access the control panel and see the following window. From there, select Uninstall a program located in the Programs box and we will see the following:

Step 2 – Select the Turn Windows features on the left side on or off and the following window will appear.

Step 3 – There we have a complete list of available features and those that are active can be seen with a check mark in their box. In this case, we will enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta) feature, so we will activate its checkbox:

Step 4- Click OK to see the installation process begin. Once the process is complete, you will need to restart the equipment so that any changes to the new feature will be applied. This will enable or disable the feature in Windows 10 and windows 11 iso.

Step 5 – Some features include threads that can be enabled or not, we recognize these functions because it has a + symbol next to it , and clicking on it will show different options for the function: It will be necessary to activate the fields that we just want to enable. check for new stuff