Google Stadia Most awaited games of all time

google stadia

Final fantasy 15Final fantasy 15 has already featured lists of most awaited games of all time, mainly due to its troubled development that took almost a decade to complete. Despite this, the game has been available since the end of 2016 and has been acclaimed by critics and fans.

Thanks to a collaboration with square enix, noctis will also be present at google stadia price as soon as the service arrives in november 2019. The game follows the action rpg style, leaving aside the turn battles of the classic games in the series. This means that it is possible to conduct battles in real time in the style of final fantasy vii: crisis core.

google stadia

Destiny 2

Along with confirmation that destiny 2 would be free to play and that it would be released for the steam platform, bungie also confirmed the arrival of the action rpg on google stadia.

The version will also be free to stadia pro subscribers and will include all content released until the shadowkeep expansion. Players will be able to transfer their guardians to the google stadia version via the cross-save feature on pc and xbox one.

Google Stadia Fighting game (Mortal kombat 11)

Despite the concern of fighting goole stadia gameslist enthusiasts regarding input lag on google stadia, the platform will feature big names in the genre. Mortal kombat 11 is one of the confirmed titles that will be available as soon as the service is launched.

Mortal kombat 11 stars several iconic figures from the netherrealm franchise while adding new fighters. Its visuals are the most impressive ever seen in a fighting game to date and players can enjoy a cinematic story mode, classic tower mode, kripta, online battles and more

Samurai shodown

Samurai shodown is the return of snk’s iconic sword fighting franchise that marked the 90s. The new title represents the best period for the japanese company in the past decade and appeals to both long-time fans and a new generation of players – offering a cast with 13 classic fighters and three new ones.

The game features an arcade mode with final boss – typical of arcades -, survival modes, versus local and casual and ranked online games; by february 2020, four fighters will be added to the cast: rimururu, basara, kazuki and wan-fu.

One of the attractions of the stadia (Shadow of the tomb raider)

The game that ends lara croft’s trilogy of origin, shadow of the tomb raider will also be one of the attractions of the stadia catalog – along with the first two games of this new phase of the character.

In this new adventure, lara has to prevent the mayan apocalypse from materializing, facing the dangers of nature and enemies that come her way. The game follows the style of third-person action gampelay and has several cinematic sessions, pleasing fans of rise of the tomb raider and tomb raider of 2013.